“Steve Matter’s book and experience as a hiring manager provides a proven course in securing a new job. For anyone seeking to Get Noticed & Get Hired, here’s your plan of action! From the initial shock of being laid off to the goal of obtaining a new position, this book provides direction and a path forward full of tips, advice, action planning positive thoughts that will help anyone willing to make the personal investment. Results count; get on board with a plan of action that will make you successful!”
Jack Shuler, Director of Human Resources, Retired, The Boeing Company

“Steve Matter has provided a great service to job seekers with this insightful look at what so many are facing in the challenging economy. Whether you are recovering from the loss of a position, changing your career, or contemplating ‘re-inventing’ yourself professionally, this book carriers tremendous insight and provides the tools to successfully go through the hiring process during one of life’s toughest dilemmas.”
Scott Alevy, President & CEO, San Diego East County Chamber of Commerce

“This book delivers a real world application to assist in the job-hunting experience. Steve Matter shows you step-by-step what to expect and helps you prepare for the daunting task of getting back into the job market or becoming self-employed. This well-written guide will help you to write a magnetic resum√© and prepare you for your interview. Both as a manager forced to reduce his staff and as someone who has to seek a new position himself. What a valuable and very personal look at what it takes to get noticed and get hired.”
Mike Clawson, Treasurer, Retired, Great Western Financial

“Get Noticed & Get Hired is a well-written and timely ‘GPS’ that will become your road map and if followed, will lead you to your desired destination of employment. Filled with inspiration, ideas for support and multiple specific directions, Steve Matter’s GPS was developed and forged from his own personal experiences. A must read for anyone who is job-hunting, changing careers or one day may need to do so.”
Bill Cooley, President/CEO, SuccessCE.com

Read it, apply it, and start on the path back to the workforce.
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