About Get Noticed and Get Hired – a part of the “Your Life Matters™” Series

Going through a period of unemployment can be one of life’s most stressful situations. In many cases, it seems to trigger a domino effect of pressures and strains ranging from emotions to finances to relationships. It’s not uncommon for a once successful and confident person to begin feeling helpless and hopeless after losing his or her job.

While trying to focus on getting back on track, individuals often feel derailed. Television and news reports are filled with stories about people who have sent out hundreds of resumés without getting a single interview. Many who have made it to the interview stage are shocked that they aren’t selected for the job, even though they had the right experience and skill sets necessary for the position.

In Get Noticed and Get Hired, veteran corporate executive Steve Matter delivers an entire workbook for directing you from job loss to becoming empowered and employed. This book is filled with action steps, resources, and strategies to get you focused and prepared for your journey back into the workplace. Take action and follow a path to:

  • Get through the Emotional Upheaval
  • Build Your Support Team
  • Network Effectively
  • Prepare a Magnetic Resumé That Attracts Employers to You
  • Be Self-Assured, Positive, & Prepared for Your Interview
  • Learn the Different Personality Styles of Managers
  • Set the Stage to Become a MVE- a Most Valuable Employee™
  • Decide if You Are Ready to go into Business for Yourself vs. Returning to the Corporate World
  • Rebuild Your Confidence, Attitude, & Belief in Yourself
  • Help You Stand out on paper and in person

Read it, apply it, and start on the path back to the workforce.
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“Steve has provided a great service to job seekers with this insightful look at what so many are facing in this challenging economy.” — Scott Alevy, President & CEO, San Diego East County Chamber of Commerce

“Get Noticed & Get Hired is a well-written and timely ‘GPS’, that will become your roadmap and, if followed will lead you to your destination of employment.” — Bill Cooley, President/CEO, SuccessCE.com