When it comes to understanding the entire process from hiring employees to job termination, Steve Matter has more than 30 years of experience. For most of Steve’s career, he has been in senior management positions at Fortune 500 companies. Those who have worked with Steve consistently praise his ingenuity and cite many examples of how he sets himself apart as a Most Valuable Employee™. Steve’s innovative methods empowered his employees and his divisions to meet or exceed even the highest of standards, benchmarks, and quotas.

Then one day his position was eliminated after 21 years and a proven track record of success. Steve’s world was turned upside down. Imagine what it must have been like to be summarily dismissed without regard for his years of achievement and dedication. In his book, Steve will guide you through the logic, emotions, strategies, tactics, and tools he had to use in order to find a spectacular new job. He is now appreciated and empowered to build the success of his department and elevate the other divisions within his company.

The lessons you will learn from Steve’s journey will give you priceless insights on how you can get the kind of job or career you really want. It will also help you to speed up your journey and get results that lead to a happier, more fulfilling life and career.

Steve and his family currently reside in southern California. He is currently a Senior Vice President with a major national brokerage firm. Through his writing, speeches, television, and radio interviews, Steve is a driving force dedicated to putting you and all of America back to work in more fulfilling and enriching ways.

“Steve’s book helps you prepare for the daunting task of getting back into the job market or becoming self-employed.”

— Mike Clawson, Treasurer, Retired, Great Western Financial

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